News Mar 24 2021

ICT Hub Venture invests in Trickest – an innovative cybersecurity platform

VentureShare CenterNewsICT Hub Venture invests in Trickest – an innovative cybersecurity platform

ICT Hub Venture, a Belgrade-based investment fund that invests in early-stage startups and focuses on building technology companies with global perspectives, has invested in Trickest, a Belgrade-based cybersecurity startup. They are developing a cloud-based platform focused on automated and crowded penetration testing, and we support them.

Trickest is developing software in the form of a service platform (Trickest Hive) that will enable companies and individuals to create and automate dynamic security workflows to quickly and efficiently test their systems and detect problems within their networks. The Trickest is led by co-founders Nenad Zaric, a ‘bug hunter’ who worked as a penetration tester at Seven Bridges, and Mihailo Tomic, who was previously employed as Data Engineer at Things Solver. The team conducted several security penetration tests through a series of bug-hunting programs for Fortune500-listed companies such as Uber, PayPal, Spotify, Airbnb, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Trickest Hive is a user-friendly platform, and the new generation of cyber experts can be easily involved. It enables the creation of work processes, reporting but also lessons from the open-source community. All tests performed by the Trickest Hive user base will maximize the use of the existing infrastructure through on-click management, thus quickly delivering test results to bring security to an even higher level.

“All the tools that currently exist on the market use more or less defensive approach, and we saw an opportunity to build a platform that will offer complete penetration testing,” says one of the founders, Nenad Zaric.

“What Photoshop is for designers and AutoCAD for architects, Trickest Hive will be in terms of competitive tools for more offensive cybersecurity experts and penetration testers.”

We are developing a platform for self-employed cybersecurity professionals as well as for those employed in large companies, and we intend to position ourselves as a point of contact that addresses their common needs.” Explains co-founder Mihailo Tomić.

“In addition to simple ‘building walls’ protecting networks and applications, Trickest Hive will allow users to test and find system vulnerabilities dynamically. Moreover, we will empower them with a great base of crowded knowledge, data analysis, and they will be able to share new knowledge with large corporations.”

“ICT Hub Venture is proud to be a partner of the Trickest team and support them in their efforts to offer the market a platform based on reliable, high-performance penetration testing. This technology will become the future of sustainable cybersecurity”, confirms Kosta Andric, managing partner of the ICT Hub Venture fund.

“ICT Hub Venture looks forward to continuing to work with the Trickest team to help them build a world-class cybersecurity platform.”

Besides its dynamic and adaptable capabilities, Trickest Hive will also benefit from a ‘no-code’ principle. This will enable the influx of crowd-sourced knowledge that empowers and educates a new generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Trickest has already come to its first revenue by completing work on projects for corporate clients in Asia and Europe that used the platform as a prototype. Due to the high level of demand expressed by the first corporate clients and due to the increased use of digital networks after the situation with COVID19, Trickest predicts that the Trickest Hive platform’s launch for corporate clients will happen in the last quarter of 2020.