Partnership brings a lot to startups

For a Startup Partnership

Our definition for a relationship between an investment fund and a startup is - partnership.

Each party invests the resources they have - You contribute with solutions, ideas, and knowledge, and we give you the initial finances, experience, and a different kind of knowledge. Together we build your company and continuously invest time and effort to reach our common goals.
If you make the right partnerships at the earliest stages, your first steps can be much easier. Surprise us, engage us and convince us that your solution is the next big opportunity, and we will be your partner in this crucial moment.

Who Can Apply?

If you came up with the idea to create software that can bring true innovation to the world and your team knows how to put this solution into action, you are the one we are looking for. In addition, to get our attention, your startup should:

Be in the pre-seed or seed phase. In other words, to be still at the early stage.


Develop a software solution in the SEE region.


Have a dedicated team (maximum 5 members who are stakeholders in the company).


Have a developed MVP – a prototype you can present to show the solution’s full potential.


Prove that your idea has value in the market with your client portfolio (list of clients who already use and pay for your software).


Have a well-acquainted team with the industries in which you intend to do business or have relevant research results.

What do we Provide?

Young businesses face many challenges. We know everything about it, including how to overcome these obstacles. All resources we have, we put in the service of partner startups development, so our investment has a much broader significance. Above all, when you become our partner, you get a tailored-made structure based on your specific needs and helpful in all aspects. Here's what you get:


We provide financial support ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 euros depending on the solution.


All partner startups are provided with mentorship. Mentors are usually experts from our board of directors, or external associates according to the needs of startups.


We have a dedicated team (maximum 5 members who will become stakeholders of a company).


Every-step assistance, insights, forecasts, and the right timing for market launch comes directly from the members of our Investment Committee.


Each subsequent investment comes easier because we guide you through world-wide investment opportunities, prepare you to apply for global investment funds, and peach your solution.


A development plan is key to achieving our common goal. That is why we create it together and then implement it through education, research, and data gathering.


We have detailed plans, but we are also ready for surprises that, statistically speaking, will undoubtedly happen. You will have full support when it comes to quick yet crucial decisions you must make in crises.

About the Selection Process

Our open call is always on, and the selection process allows you to show your solution's full potential.

Fill out the application form with a summarized explanation of your software. If your application meets the criteria, expect our invitation.

Prepare for a quick introduction meeting. After this initial meeting, we will consider all the information obtained and assess your business's value with current market opportunities in mind. If we find your solution promising, we move on to the next step.

Peach your solution and convince us that it is worth the investment. We will go through all its aspects in detail and ask you questions. After that, our Investment Committee will consider the solution and make the final decision on the investment.

You become part of the ICT Hub Venture family. When we agree that the decision on partnership is mutual, we will sign the terms sheet and other legally binding documents that define our cooperation..

This complete process usually lasts between 3 and 6 months , depending on the startup's internal organization and the number of applications that the fund processes simultaneously.

Our Perspective on Cooperation

Your idea probably seems to you as something necessary or revolutionary in a certain niche. We believe you are right, but the road ahead is long, and you need someone to show you the right direction, shortcuts, dangers, and of course, to provide you with fuel that will bring you to the next destination.

That is our job, and once we notice the potential, we do not give up on you.