What is
ICT Hub Venture?

The only private investment fund in the SEE region that invests in startups in the pre-seed and seed phases. Initial support for startups, including an investment of up to 50,000 euros in exchange for a 5-15% stake in the company. A key partner at the crucial moment that helps startups overcome basic challenges and raise on solid foundations.


ICT Hub Venture was created in 2017 with the idea to encourage startup culture, expand the innovation market and provide opportunities for people who have the ideas and knowledge needed to put them into practice.

ICT Hub is one of the pioneering startup incubators in Serbia. In the first three years of its existence (2014-2017), we accumulated experience and expertise. Applying everything we've learned, we've created the ICT Hub Venture investment fund, the first of its kind in the SEE region.

Our first investment was made due to the enthusiasm and risk of several individuals who decided to invest in good ideas. Over time, the structures, criteria, and processes became more complicated, so we established a sustainable system and instigated the fund to grow.

Today, 9 startups have our full support, and the SEE region's innovation market has developed significantly. Healthy competition has been created, and it keeps us inspired to do better, to give more, and to expect even more significant successes.

How Does it Work?

Our mission is to participate in strengthening the regional startup ecosystem actively. That is why we are constantly looking for promising teams to invest and support them in developing their own company.

However, to create a sustainable system, we had to go through all the phases every startup has to overcome: we had a process of raising funds, implementing the plan step by step, and fulfilling obligations to our partners.

This experience has taught us to understand the startup concept quite clearly. In other words, we speak your language, we know what awaits you, and we are ready to help you.

Meet Our Team

Behind ICT Hub Venture stands a team dedicated to your business growth. We have gathered people who have experience with business development from scratch, professionals with a network of contacts, and a sense of the right moment for the right innovation. If you convince them to support your idea, the following steps will be much easier because you will have them on your side.

Kosta Andric

Managing Partner

Dejan Randjic

Partner & Co-Founder

Slobodan Djinovic

Partner & Co-Founder

Miloš Matic

Investment Manager