Shootset is a digital platform for professional photographers and models. Models can make their profiles, and photographers can hire them without intermediaries and commission costs. Each user needs to pass the authentication check to get to the database, and different categories make the search even easier.

In September 2018, ICT Hub Venture decided to support Shootset. Besides the financial support, we provided guidance and mentorship to this ambitious young team. Now sales, legal, and marketing challenges are behind them.


Photographers often have difficulty finding professional models. On the other hand, the most important matter for models is the authenticity of a photographer, and it is not always easy to confirm it.

The solution

Every Shootset user must go through a detailed verification process that guarantees both photographers and models a professional work approach. Also, model categories and portfolio feature improve the user experience for both parties.

Software services - networking platform of professional photographers and models
Mihajlo Petrov
Over 10,000 users