Publitio is made for web/mobile app developers to help them store and manage media files (photos, audio, video). Anyone can use it regardless of programming skills.

Publitio was the first investment of our fund. This team's success was confirmed in 2019 when the company Vega IT decided to invest an additional 200,000 euros in the project. Publitio has a growing potential to become a leader in the field of storage, processing, and publishing media assets.


Processing, storing, and managing digital resources (such as video and audio recordings and photographs) require more software solutions and advanced programming knowledge if they are used to create websites or mobile applications.

The solution

Publitio simplifies the Cloud infrastructure for users. A WEB and API solution enables the convenient handling of digital resources such as video, photos, and audio. Now users can dedicate their time to developing sites or applications without managing numerous asset-control tools.

Software services - Cloud storage for media assets
Nemanja Divjak
Vujadin Divjak
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