One Assessment makes it easier for companies to discover and recruit talents. It allows them to assess candidates and get to know them even before the recruitment process.

In 2017, the company received support from the ICT Hub Venture Fund. One Assessment has since developed solutions to a wide range of HR challenges relying on advanced analytics and machine learning. Advertising via social media, interview scheduling, assessments, and candidate interaction tracking are some of the most used software features.


Choosing and hiring a suitable candidate is a problem if you rely only on a CV. The traditional approach to recruitment is not complete, and modern companies do not have a clear picture of the candidate. It simply does not take into account the key factors such as the ability to learn quickly, adapt, etc.

The solution

One Assessment serves to advise recruiters with the right candidates even before the official recruitment process begins. The software uses multiple sources (such as social and professional networks), gathers relevant information in one place, and points out desirable traits.

Software Services - HR Tech
Srdjan Radojcic
Nikola Stefanovic
Banca Intesa, OTP Group, Bambi, Mercator, Nelt