Daktilograf is a transcription platform made for South Slavic languages ​​. It turns speeches into text in real-time with up to 98% accuracy. Professionals in various industries use this tool to make compiling documents and notes more convenient.

In January 2019, Om3ga Solutions, the team behind Daktilograf, became the first Montenegrin startup team we had the opportunity to cooperate with. Support also came from the South Central Ventures fund. This group of talented high school students and experienced professionals can create a quality product with limited resources, attracting more and more attention to themselves.


Daktilograf is unique because it deals with the lack of precise transcription tools for Slavic languages.

The solution

The software can recognize an unlimited amount of words. It is intended for recording notes and transcription in various situations, such as meetings, call center conversations, business challenges, system integrators, etc. It is a practical solution with the potential to be widely applied and continuously upgraded.

Speech recognition and transcription
Amli Cengic
Snjezana Gomilanovic
IBIS instruments, Eurolog Systems, Vip mobile