Good Game Arena is a platform for all Dota 2 players who want to compete for money.

ICT Hub Venture invested in this project during 2017, enabling eSports players and gamers to monetize their talent and love for Dota 2. We are witnessing the unstoppable expansion of the gaming industry. This project creates an opportunity for a broader audience to make money from playing games.


Dota 2 and eSport are getting more and more popular. At the same time, rewarding tournaments are intended exclusively for professionals, eliminating most gamers from the competition.

The solution

Through the Good Game Arena, monetization becomes available to amateur players, streamers, and talents. After the matchmaking process, players of a similar skill level can compete in tournaments and duels. A cash prize determined before the start of the competition is distributed among the best.

Gaming industry
Aleksandar Dinic
Nenad Panic